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Royal Reach Investments Limited is a locally incorporated Business Management and growth consulting firm managed by a passion driven team of professionals in position to offer Corporate Financial Management, Human Resource Management and consulting, Business Management Trainings, Food Value addition and General Business Advisory Support.
As a consultant Management and Growth firm, we have built a knowledge base whose range of expertise spurns across fields and departments of Corporate and Small Medium Size Companies/Businesses.

We craft Growth and Management strategies that help build a formidable customer service and experience capable of acquiring and retaining clients in any part of this Country (Uganda) through our main operation areas in Kampala and Mbarara.
Our entire Management and Consulting line is proudly rooted in Uganda.
We position and deliver services that help clients/customers get their most desirable services, and build strong brands and family through our reliability and credibility.

Our Services
We are positioned in offering Business Management Support services

  1. Human Resource Management ;
  2. Financial Management and Literacy ;
  3. Intervention Design (Business Model, Scaling up strategies) ;
  4. Facilitation of Market systems Development ;
  5. Entrepreneurship Training ;
  6. Business Coaching and Mentorship ;
  7. Marketing and Brand Management ;
  8. Business/Company/Organization name registration ;
  9. Backyard Farming and Gardening ;

Our Products
Our chain of products are sourced, sorted and packaged to meet the demands and dynamic trends on the market. We understand that today’s market trends to take great consideration for flexibility and accessibility. This is what we offer and sustainably look forward to maintaining.

  1. Organic Honey
  2. Okra Sauce Powder
  3. Okra Roasted Beverages
  4. Hot Pepper

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